Who is in charge of setting up? Do you charge an extra fee for it?
Set up is included in our delivery price. Our setup team is trained with attention to detail so there is on need to micromanage the setup process. Upon arrival, our crew leader will meet with your wedding coordinator or a chosen decision maker to discuss exact setup locations and timing. 

Can I use the same seating for ceremony and reception and have my guests move their own chair?
If having photographs of your wedding and reception details is important to you, we recommend renting separate seating for the ceremony and reception. This provides the photographer ample time to shoot the clean details without guests present. In the event that the same seating will be used for both ceremony and reception, our team of professionals we handle all the furniture move. The fee that we charge $100. If there are two separate locations for ceremony and reception, we recommend renting seating for both locations to minimize the impact of a mid event move on your guests. 

If I am still not sure how many guests will confirm, can I make a tentative order now and modify it later?
We understand rental selection take place before your headcount is confirmed. We recommend you secure all the items you think you will need from the beginning and then we can add as many items as you would like as your guest count is confirmed closer to the date. Final changes to the order must be made 6 weeks prior to the event date. 

Can I wait to see if it will rain or not and have you set up the tent last minute?
Setting up a tent is a lengthy process that takes around 3 to 4 hours. It will be the very first thing we set up since most rentals will go underneath it. We cannot wait until last minute to set it up and we cannot break it down last minute either, in case the weather is good. It is important to know that it is impossible to predict the weather in Costa Rica and weather forecasts are not accurate. So a good plan for rainy season is to always have a covered space.